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Issue 387

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Our final offering of the 2023/24 season, published before our Championship survival  was confirmed with three straight wins to secure safety, is yet another packed 64-page edition.

Not surprisingly, those remaining three games come under the  spotlight - although it's fair to say that no-one was bullishly predicting how the season woud end, with those successive home wins over Preston & Leeds, and topped off with the 2-1 win at Coventry on the final day.

Elsewhere, we feature the second and final part of John O'Mahony's superb appraisal of Don Shanks, this time reflecting on Don's developing friendship with Stan Bowles, and how he would go on to be a rock for his old pal as Stan fought Alzheimer's in later life.

Ben Walker waxes lyrical on THAT Jimmy Dunne goal against Birmingham, while Ray Eaton discusses Andy Sinton's role as Club Ambassador; Joanne Connolly reflects on the tributes paid to Stan Bowles, both at the West Brom home game and at his funeral in Manchester, which was well attended by QPR fans; Francis Peacock discusses his latest book QPR: 1907-08 - Champagne and Shenanigans; Adam Hershkorn discusses the improved atmosphere in the Loft this season; and Stewart Wilson takes us through his journey as a lifelong QPR fan... all this and much more besides, as always, in a packed edition.


A burly lone figure stood in front of the coffin to pay his final respects to his former mischievous charge, Stanley, who he looked after for years on the pitch - and now here was Dave Webb looking over him protectively for one last time...

Joanne Connolly

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