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Issue 386

Offline: available as a large-size pdf

Another 64-page edition, and our penultimate offering of the 2023/24 season, published with just eight games of the season remaining, and with QPR's Championship status still hanging in the balance. Not surprisingly, that uncertainty is reflected throughout the edition.

Elsewhere in Issue 386, editor Dave Thomas reports on an a poignant day in Manchester, as Stan Bowles, W12's favourite son, is laid to rest by his family and friends, with around 200 or so QPR fans also in attendance to pay their respects, as well as some of his former teammates.

As well as featuring extensively in the opening feature article, Don Shanks is also in focus in John O'Mahony's two-part essay on his former White City neighbour, part one of which looks at Don's early life growing up just a free-kick away from Loftus Road.

Also: Ray Eaton explains why he's not a fan of the transfer window; Neil Murray reveals his special 80th birthday surprise; John Wood tells why his son, and many more like him, might never have seen Stan Bowles play - but owe their name to him; and Mike Ray asks 'why' in connection to all number of football-related questions.


Finally, we turn the spotlight on the most recent QPR games, including the shock 2-1 win at Leicester - amongst much more besides.


At that moment, two smartly-dressed figures loomed out of the gloom. One of them we instantly recognised as the familiar face of local lad Don Shanks. As for the long-haired figure in the trench coat accompanying Don, who indulged himself with a few keepy-ups before nonchantly knocking the ball back over, we didn't immediately recognise him...

John O'Mahony

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