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Issue 385

Offline: available as a large-size pdf

In a packed 64-page edition, now sold out but still available as a digital download, we unapologetically give over almost half of it paying tribute to the late, great Stan Bowles. And those beautifully-written tributes, capturing as they do what the great man meant to an older generation of older fans, and dutifully revered by those too young to have seen him play, are guaranteed to bring a tear (or several) to the eye.

Amongst those tributes Ben Walker tells of a chance encounter with Stan Bowles one afternoon, and why it was so touching; Joanne Connolly admits how an adolescent fervour towards Stan has lasted a lifetime; John O'Mahony explains how Stan shaped his life; Ed Vulliamy reflects on days gone by, Adam Hershkorn provides the answer to how a younger generation of QPR fans view Stan; and there are reflections on Stan from luminaries including Phil Beadle, Robert Elms and Gordon Jago.

It's not an out-and-out tribute edition, though, with plenty of the usual content too,  including much about a run of form that culminated with the win at Leicester. Ray Eaton also looks at the various fortunes of foreign managers at QPR. And always, there is much more  besides.


Never mind naming a stand in his honour.. . and entire generation of QPR-supporting mums and dads named their son after him!

Ranger Things

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