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Issue 373

Published v Swansea on 21st January, Issue 373 is a 64-page issue, available by post or digital to your inbox, and as always at every QPR game home and away. 

So what's in it?

Issue 373 begins our long-awaited interview with Patrick Maguire, who talks his incarceration at the age of fourteen for his alleged involvement in the IRA bombing campaign of the 1970s, along with six other family members dubbed the 'Maguire Seven' by the media. All were eventually cleared of the charges, along with a second group the 'Guildford Four'. Now a successful artist and author, Patrick sits down with Joanne Connolly to discuss that period of his life, and his active support of QPR before and after - including his memories of the 1967 League Cup Final, and where he picked up after his release from prison. 

There is, of course, plenty of reading besides, as we pay tribute to former player Keith Sanderson and marketing manager Brian Rowe, as well as QPR fans Freddie Briars and Travis Basevi, all of whom we have lost. 

Elsewhere in a packed edition, we dissect and rate the fixtures between Burnley at home and the final game of 2022, v Luton; while John O'Mahony considers what it would have been like if Stan and Rodney had played together, and Ray Eaton considers an alternative QPR history, based on 'What If...?'

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