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All about the ONLINE ONLY 2024 summer editions

Bored already, even though the close season is stretching out in front of us still? Missing our dulcet tones on a matchday at Loftus Road calling out "Ere ya, BRANNNOOOISSHHHOOOO"? Desperate for a fix of high quality QPR-related content?

Then stop right there! Yes, you. Yes, right there.


Not only are we offering two full summer 2024 editions - online only, all new content, in full-colour - then subscribing to them will equally help us get through the summer.

The first of those summer issues is already in production and will be available as a digital flipbook in early June, with the second following in early July. So two fulsome QPR 'fixes' - but that's not all. Subscribe to them and request up to FIVE of any of the more recent editions (in pdf format) for free. 

Here's how to subscribe solely to the ONLINE ONLY 2024 summer editions*
*Existing digital subscribers & top-tier LFW Patrons will receive the summer issues automatically as part of their existing subscription
  • Make payment by one or other of the methods below

  • complete the form below, most importantly include your preferred email address

  • sit back and bask in the knowledge that you have supported us this summer

  • oh and wait for your login details to be sent to you when the edition goes live online

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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