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Digital Issue 368c


Issue 368c (July 2022)

Available to read online, as well as downloadable as a pdf, this is the second 60-page full-colour digital upgrade to the online Issue 368. Added to the front of 368 and 368b, it all adds up to a massive 184-page edition! It can also be downloaded and kept as as a pdf file.

So what's in 368c?

Plenty of reading, for starters! With it being the close season, it seemed an appropriate time to feature two separate articles, one from the archives, which looks at how AKUTR's came into being and has developed since - and what can happen when the stewards at a particular club (back in the 1990s) decide that the appropriate punishment for selling copies at half-time is to assault and subsequently hospitalise the editor. There's also the final part of said editor's diary of the 2021/22 season - an extended offering, taking us from a promising play-off position to the final game of the season, at Swansea. In between, Ray Eaton looks closely at the run of late goals, each one of them significant, against Derby in recent seasons.

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