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Published monthly, the online edition of AKUTR's is now available:


There are three ways of subscribing to the online editions of AKUTR's - and the cost is the same no matter where you are in the world. Once subscribed you will receive a password to access it online.

A six-month (six issues) subscription is available for just £20 - or, if you prefer, a 12-month (12 issues) subscription can be purchased for £40. As an online subscriber, you will be notified when any new edition is online, along with your new password. The whole process couldn't be any easier.


So then to the three payment methods:

Subscription Costs

Making a payment through Paypal is safe, secure and speedy. You don't need to have a Paypal account - and there are several credit (card) and debit options for how you can make payment.


As Paypal deduct a fee from what they then pay us, we ask all subscribers to make payment to us as a friend rather than a business!


All you need to do is make payment to our email address, which is:


A reminder that payment is £5 for one copy, £20 for six months, £40 for 12 months; please include your email.

By Paypal

If you are in the UK and prefer to make a straight bank transfer, this can be done using the automated clearing system. Payment should be made to:


Kickabout Publishing

Sort Code: 30-99-58

Account number: 00383597


Please then email us at - and we will acknowledge receipt of your payment.

Using BACS

We are happy to accept cheques as payment. They should be made out to Kickabout Publishing and posted to us at: Once again, don't forget to include a contact email address!


Kickabout Publishing, 641 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 6BJ

By Cheque

Important Note: All current subscriptions to the print version of AKUTR's are on hold until such times as we resume a print edition. If you are an existing subscriber, please contact us if you would like to access the online edition in the interim.

as a one-off purchase

as the first of a six-month subscription

as the first of a 12-month subscription


Copies of AKUTR's can now be bought one issue at a time. Each bumper edition costs £5. On receipt of payment, you will received log-in details to enable you to access the edition online.


Payment is exactly the same as for subscriptions - details below.  

Individual Issues

*Subscribers save one-third on the individual cover price

With football currently being played behind closed doors and no indication of when that will end, this subscription-only service for the online edition has been created with that in mind. It is also to help us survive through a financial crisis, which as with so many publications threatens our long-term future. Please do take a moment to read our statement on the problems caused by the coronavirus lockdown.