Football suspended due to the coronavirus


Dated: Saturday 14th March 2020


Like all other QPR fans, even with coronavirus dominating the news, we had no thought at all on the way home from the 3-1 win at Preston that league football would be suspended before Rangers were due to play next.


It was business as usual for us this week, as we worked on a new edition for successive Saturday home games, as well as preparing for the midweek trip to Charlton.


As we burned the midnight oil all week, it never remotely occurred to us that those fixtures would be postponed. The possibility of that happening increased throughout the week, though.


On Thursday, with our publishing deadline imminent, we were reassured by the statement from the ELF that fixtures would continue as scheduled. So we continued with production - even polling some QPR fans on their views on the subject of, amongst other things, games being played behind closed doors. Yes, we can be - and often are - as up to date as that.


However, it became clear late on Thursday evening and into Friday morning that the situation was changing - and that the green light given some hours earlier was likely to turn red following an emergency meeting yesterday.


Happily, although Issue 360 was by now completed and ready to send to print, we were able to hold off doing so until hearing the decision.


We completely understand and accept the reasons for this unprecedented move by the footballing authorities. Our guess is as good as yours as to what happens next.


Our finances with the considerable costs of running a publication like AKUTR's are more Bury and Bolton than Manchester United or Liverpool. We maintain high production and content values, but the balance is a fine one. The sudden loss of income from what is effectively a cottage industry, a modest one at that, is a huge blow.


Clearly, football will resume at some point. So how can QPR supporters support us in the meantime? Well, there are three ways.


The first is through sponsorship. This can be in the form of advertising or simple largesse. Please contact us here or on

[email protected]


The second, and by far the easiest, is by taking out a subscription. Find out more details here.


The third is to buy some back issues. We have plenty available of each of the nine editions published this season - and are offering a bundle of all nine for £20, to include postage & packing to a UK address. If you are a QPR fan, maybe unfamiliar with AKUTR's, there is some great reading to be had with that offer. Find out more details here.


Until the suspension is lifted and the virus contained, do please follow all the official guidelines on playing your individual part towards that end goal.



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