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With the new season underway in a little over three weeks, and before that a couple of high profile friendly games taking place, we have taken the decision to resume a PRINT edition. As long as all goes well with the production, that should be available at the Manchester United friendly, as well as v Cambridge and v Leicester, and then during the opening league fixtures.


The first print edition after the enforced eighteen months’ gap, will be A4 size (rather than the regular A5 size that will follow for the rest of the season). It will feature a reproduction of some of the material that has been published online in the past twelve months PLUS a good deal of new material.


The online edition will continue as before – and include everything that also goes into a print edition. One thing we want to do is leave open the possibility that any future lockdown would put us back to square one again, with the online version being the only option. So much to consider still in deciding those options.


We return to the print edition very much on the back foot, having had no matchday income for so long and no government support of any description in that time. What toll has been taken in the last year remains to be seen. It’s why your continued support is so important.


Let’s hope that not only is it an enjoyable season ahead for us all as QPR fans – but that we can put the last eighteen months firmly behind us and properly bounce back. AKUTR’s is still very much alive and kicking – and we will do everything in our power to see it stays that way.

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July 16th, 2021

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