Exceeding almost everyone's expectations at the start of it, QPR finish the season in a highly respectable ninth place. We reflect on what was a campaign full of highs and lows.


For the vast majority of us, the 20/21 season was watched exclusively online. In 'Going From One Stream To Another', Dave Barton considers that, although not the same as being at games in person, it was at least palatable.


Regular readers will be aware that Joey Barton doesn't feature high in Ray Eaton's all-time list of QPR greats. Or even in the top five thousand, come to that. In 'Barton Fink', Ray explains why that is.


We've all of us got a favourite QPR goal - John O'Mahony outlines why a strike from Gerry Francis in a QPR win at Tottenham in 1975/76 is his.


Never mind the mysterious 'H' in Line of Duty. In the latest part of his serialised memories of a lifetime support of QPR, Ian Carr, 'The Wilderness Years', recalls the managerial tenures of Houston, Harford, Hollins and Holloway.


And as always there's much, much more besides!

Turn, Turn, Turn




Published: 4th June 2021

80-page edition

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In a weighty 80-page edition, here is just some of what is in it:

What's In It?

The 20/21 season might have come to an end - but our efforts continue regardless with this, the first exclusively online edition of what will undoubtedly feel like a very short summer.


What started out as an intended slimline issue very quickly mushroomed into a fulsome 80-page issue - so plenty to get to stuck into!