Published: Who knows, who knows...


So there we were, all ready to send Issue 360 to print, when football was suspended until at least April 3rd? So what delights were in store - and still are, when we resume some kind of normality. Amongst the content is:


Talking Hoops - Oh No, Corona

Just as Rangers hit a little bit of form, along comes the uncertainty as to whether or not the season will even be completed.


Simon Dorset - Admirable Control

No, not Eze or Barbet - or any other player come to that. At least, not in this instance. With the release of the latest accounts, Simon is handing out a bouquet rather than a brickbat to the Board for starting to get the club’s finances in order - although the belt-tightening measures aren’t likely to end any time soon.


Peter Tajasque - Foolish Things

It was with him at Anfield in 1987 and very nearly at the City Ground last month, but somewhere in between leaving home and arriving in Nottingham, Peter lost his favourite old scarf. It wasn’t his only mishap during the day - although at least we had a fortuitous gust of wind and Ryan Manning’s sharp eyes to thank  for making it a good day regardless.


Ray Eaton - The Scowen Dilemma

Ray looks back on the contribution made by Josh Scowen in his time at QPR, thinks his goal against Swansea in the FA Cup is a contender for Goal of the Season - but believes he knows the reason for the player's lack of celebration on the day.


Academy & U-23s - In Reserve

Chris Hewitt with another update on the youth scene, and is full of praise for a number of our up and coming players.


In Memoriam - Terry Carr (1935-2019)

As with so many R’s fans, Graham Carr has his Dad to thank for first introducing him to QPR - or should that be to blame? But with a lifetime of memories behind him, Graham feels sure it’s the former.


Down Memory Lane - Final Agony

Do you remember the 1995/96 season when one afternoon Manchester United equalised shortly before the 10 o’clock news. Of course you do - few Rangers fans will ever forget that late sickener. Ray recalls that game and more examples of late agony.


Perspectives - Derby to Preston

We run the rule over a nice six-game unbeaten run, which has lfted QPR in sight of the top six. It couldn't happen, could it? Well, not now it probably won't, if the season ends here. Only time will tell...


And as always, a lot more besides!










At the time, it was undoubtedly the best QPR goal in the FA Cup for well over 20 years. But 15 minutes later, it wasn’t even the best R’s goal of the game.