Published: v Hull - 29th December 2019


Puff puff, pant pant - we did it! Went to print before everyone and everything shut down for the Festive jollities, that is. So here's a flavour of what's in Issue 356.


Trivia Quiz - Recycling some old issues recently, we came across Brendan Walsh’s brilliant QPR screen trivia quiz from way back. Having long since forgotten all the answers ourselves, we guessed anyone else attempting this fiendishly difficult quiz will have done so as well. Congratulations if you  manage to get ANY of them correct!


14th Nervous Breakdown - The title, a play on the classic Rolling Stones number, is really a swipe at those types on social media who have a meltdown every time QPR are standard QPR, and lose heavily to the bottom club one week and throw away a winning position deep into stoppage-time the next. But is going into Christmas in 14th place, well clear of the relegation zone and still within shouting distance of the top six, really something to have a hissy fit about? We think not.


In Memoriam: Jim Smith - Ray Eaton pays tribute to former QPR manager Jim Smith, who passed away in December - and reminds us that, although not held in high affection by Rangers fans for a number of reasons, history tells us that the Bald Eagle, as he was known throughout the game, should really be judged very positively over his time in charge at Loftus Road.


VAR & Offside - Dave Thomas has a simple idea to end the farce of forensic VAR offside decisions.


The Name’s The Same - How’s your general knowledge? Can you name a fair number of current and former QPR players over the past 50 years? If you can answer ‘not bad’ and ‘yes’ to those two questions, then you’re halfway to scoring a full house on our extended quiz, which sets you the task of discovering the identity of 76 (mostly) ex-QPR players who happen to share a common name with a variety of well-known people and other things. Will you get all of them?


Pros & Consistency - The rollercoaster ride continues. Up one minute, down the next. But then that goes with the territory when it comes to supporting QPR. From back to back wins over Preston and Birmingham to losing heavily at Barnsley, and then throwing away two points against Charlton at the death, we first take a quick overview and then  reveal the ratings and stats


Eze Does It - At least, for the time being he does. Soon, though, he might be doing it somewhere else. But Ray Eaton has a word of caution for both the club and Eze himself that time is still very much on his side.


Vox Pop: Penalties particular, those taken by Eberechi Eze, with his own special technique. We polled a number of Rangers fans over what they think about it.


Pains & Gains - Peter Tajasque's been missing a few games of late, other things getting in the way, but he’s discovered that rather than make the heart grow fonder, absence merely increases the pain.


Falling In Love ...with QPR, that is. Ben Summer reveals a new passion in his life.


All this and lots more besides!

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Issue 357


Issue 357 is is being aimed for publication v Leeds on January 18th.



Were any modern day Queens Park Rangers manager to sign players even close to the calibre of Smith’s finest buys, he would be hailed as a modern great, for that alone...