Published: v Preston - 7th December 2019


Happily, the December edition was published, as planned, for the home game against Preston. The race is now on to get Issue 356 to print before our printers pack up for the Christmas and New Year period! In the meantime, here's a flavour of what's in Issue 355.


Talking Hoops - Even if there isn’t a great deal in it, Rangers currently have a better away record than at home. Those who have seen both will surely agree with us that the team generally looks better on their travels. We ponder as to the reasons why.


The Road Les Travelled... for once, that’s not a typo in the title - just a clever play on words (sod off, it is!). No prizes for guessing the ‘Les’ in this instance - as the club’s current Director of Football sits down with Ian McCullough to discuss the situation he inherited on his return to Loftus Road - and the challenges he still faces in his role.


Vox Pop: Social Niceties - The feature in which we canvass the views of Rangers fans - ironically using social media to do that when that medium is also the subject of the question. It’s all simpler than it sounds: basically, are social media platforms, such as a Twitter, a good or bad thing in the game?  


The Curse of Manchester United - In the first of two offerings in this edition, Ray looks at those players in the modern era whose career path has seen them arrive in W12 after previously playing, at varying levels of success, at Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Tottenham - and examines why, of those four and other so-called big clubs, the record of signings from Old Trafford in recent years has been so dismal.


Pride Restored - At Derby, that is. A point gained after a midweek hammering by East Midlands rivals Nottingham Forest. Dave Thomas analyses a creditable performance at Pride Park, as well as touching on the games against Forest, Fulham and Middlesbrough that went before it.


Stats & Ratings - We put the quartet of matches in November under the spotlight, with a run down of our ratings and other stats, as well as featuring a comment or two from the QPR Yahoo List.


Monkeys & Fleas - Not for the first time, and almost certainly not for the last, our delve into the AKUTR’s archives of several million words to appear in print over 30 plus years, once again landed on an offering by Anthony Hobbs from Issue 118. Read and enjoy once again.


Play-off Goals - Do you remember who scored QPR’s very first play-off goal? Well, he also finished that game against Oldham with a red card to his name, which meant sitting out the second-leg at Loftus Road. Ray looks back at Richard Langley’s unique place in our club’s history book.


Sky At Night - Combining QPR with a job that also involves a lot of weekend work doesn’t allow much time for hobbies. Sometimes, as happened when Rangers went to Fulham recently, editor Dave Thomas found it’s impossible to be in two places at once.


Blast From The Past - In this issue we shine a spotlight on the 1990/91 season, which as well as featuring a long losing streak that eventually came to an end at Derby, with the arrivals of Bobby Gould off the pitch and Andy Tilson and Darren Peacock on it - and saw Roy Wegerle score the Goal of the Season and QPR win, famously, at Liverpool.


All this and lots more besides!

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Issue 356


Issue 356 is is being aimed for publication v Hull on December 29th.



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