Published: v Millwall, 21st September 2019


Due out for the home game against Luton in mid-September, for the second successive issue there were problems with the stitching. Despite attempts to fix the problem, it put paid to being published for that game. So, a little later than planned, we are relieved to have it on sale for the Millwall and West Brom games.


It's another 80-page bumper edition - focusing on a much better start to the season than many Rangers fans were expecting, let alone the pundits. We look at the issues at both Bury and Bolton in the past few weeks, Simon Dorset believing that where there’s a rule, there’s often an owner or a board trying to find a way around it, while John Leighton believes we all share some responsibility for that.


Ian Sharpe has an unusual way of getting to QPR - by the canal towpath of the Grand Union, a walk of almost 17 miles. He tells all in a feature article. There’s not much left in football that hasn’t been marketed to the nth degree - and that includes non-matchdays as well, as Cos Ataliotis found when he went along to have a look at the redeveloped White Hart Lane. Little victories, though, he left his mark in the Tottenham club shop.


Older QPR fans have seen some great and prolific goalscorers playing for the club down the years. Not so much in recent times - although Charlie Austin can still take a bow the next time he’s at the KPF Stadium. Ray Eaton looks back at more recent seasons and the dearth of the 20-goal a season striker at QPR. And by way of a tribute to Mike Ferguson, we delve way down into the archives and an article on ‘Unsung Heroes’.


We can all be football managers now if we want to be. Big names, big budgets. The trouble is, in fantasy as well as real life, some of us are better at it than others... Clive Whittingham, it seems, being in the latter group. Glen Dauwalder has a few thoughts on comings and goings, and the pre-season choice of manager - but when it comes to the bright idea with the new season tickets, Peter Tajasque is unimpressed.


We round-up of an encouraging start to the season for Rangers - plus all the stats and ratings compiled from Stoke to Sheffield Wednesday in a busy August schedule. And after just three games, John Brownhill had decided this season might be fun, while Chris Hewitt updates news and views on the QPR players and teams at other levels, while Ray Eaton regrets not seeing Peter Crouch back at QPR. Finally, there is a host of quizzes & puzzles, and other asides to get stuck into.



Also on sale: v West Brom (h), Saturday 28th September 2019

                           v Cardiff (a), Wednesday 2nd October 2019

                           v Blackburn (h) Saturday 5th October 2019

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Issue 353

Due to the problems encountered with Issue 352, we will assess whether it's feasible to bring out Issue 353 for the Blackburn game in early October. If it isn't, then we will aim for the Reading/Brentford double header at the end of the month.



I discovered that it was feasible to walk most of the way from my front door to Loftus Road on the Grand Union Canal; and then by coming off the canal at Hanwell Lock in Ealing, it was possible to cover the last five miles or so by a straight walk along the broad, swept pavements of Uxbridge Road. This way, I could finally alight (in my imagination at least) exhausted but triumphant onto the streets of my destination in W12 like a latter day Dick Whittington.