Published: v Nottm Forest, 27th April 2019


In Reserve

Chris Hewitt on the uncertainty facing those in the junior ranks at QPR.


Brave New World

For all that next season and beyond is going to be challenging for QPR, Simon Dorset can’t help feeling it’s a chance to start afresh.


Vox Pop: Ups & Downs

With so many Rangers fans keen to give us their take on the season, we have spaced out this latest offering over three separate sections. Those in charge at Loftus Road should look away now.


Food For Thought

Still managerless at the time of writing and as we go to print, Jamie Sellers considers the options and job description.


Rangers Recalled

Ray Eaton recalls various moments from the archives involving Matthew Connolly, Kevin Gallen, Bobby Gould and Rowan Vine.


The Long View

When you don’t have local bragging rights, you do at least have recourse to the history books, as Peter Tajasque explains.


21st Century Foxes

Ray Eaton looks at the top ten leading goalscorers for QPR since the turn of the century - and the results are surprising.


48 Crash

So Rangers are safe for at least another season in the Championship - but Dave Barton isn’t in the mood for celebrating.



Three games under the spotlight - and three very different results and performances.


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If he is not prepared to respect Hoos’ careful planning, embrace Ferdinand’s strategy, trust Penrice’s judgement and listen to Ramsey’s recommendations, then he is not the man for the job.