Published: v Rotherham, 13th March 2019


In Reserve

Chris Hewitt starts us off this edition with his assessment of which up and coming players have been catching his eye at U-23 level and below.


Vox Pop: That Losing Habit

Although the FA Cup matches provided plenty of interest, it now looks as if it was to the detriment of our league form. All except the much needed win over Leeds, before normal service was resumed at Brentford, that is. So what do some of our regular contributors make of it all?


Parachutes, Liferafts...

...and a perfect storm. That, in a nutshell, is what the future holds for QPR, starting as early as next season. Light reading it isn’t, but here Simon Dorset attempts to get to grips with the current and predicted financial picture at the club.


Disc World

As an avid collector of QPR DVDs, Ray Eaton is disappointed that so few of them are being released by the club nowadays. But it’s not just the end of season offerings that Ray would like to see back on sale - he has a few suggestions of his own.


Perspectives: Forest - Brentford

It’s catch-up time for our stats & ratings, from pre-Christmas and a first-ever win away at Forest, through January and a ridiculously busy February - and finally here into March, up to and including the defeat at Brentford.


Perspectives Extra

John Brownhill reflects on Rangers’ poor run of form - but tries to put it all into perspective by drawing on the words of a famous civil rights leader.


Young At Heart

Keith Young continues his narrative of a lifetime of support for QPR.

Also on sale: v Hull, 16th March 2019

v Bolton, 30th March 2019, and following games, as a back issue

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So I stuck my phone close to the TV, turned the sound up and via the amazing advances in mobile communication Steve was able to watch the game in Boston via Facetime from Melbourne.

We lost 1-0.