Published: v Watford, 15th February 2019


QPR Shorts

A (modest) potpourri of trivia, memory-triggers and challenges.


Good Weeks, Bad Weeks

Progress in the FA Cup, even as modest as it’s been so far, shouldn’t be to the detriment of the team’s league form. Recent results, though, points to that being the case.


Vox Pop: Up For The Cup?

As one contributor to this feature observes, Rangers have been consistently inconsistent all season, latterly slumping to five successive league defeats in between battling their way to a fifth round tie against Watford. As ever, we ask a selection of QPR fans for their thoughts on what it all adds up to.


The Trust, Delivering

Simon Dorset reports on his invitation to the 10th anniversary celebrations of the QPR in the Community Trust, held at the Houses of Parliament in early February, and how it opened his eyes to the scale of the work undertaken by its mix of full-time staff and part-time volunteers to deliver a wide range of initiatives.


In Memoriam: Matthew Brazier

Coming through the ranks at QPR and going on to make 60 appearances for the club as a highly-regarded utility player, Matthew Brazier recently lost his life to Non-Hodkin lymphona, a type of blood cancer, at the age of just 42. Ray Eaton looks back over the player’s QPR career - and how his move to Fulham was more through the circumstances of a poorly managed club than anything else.


In Reserve

Chris Hewitt gives us the run-down on the state of the junior teams at QPR - and likes what he has been seeing this season.


Walking Down Du Cane Road...

Following on from his piece on QPR potentially moving to a new home on the current site of the Linford Christie stadium, Peter Tajasque decided he should pay it a visit - a task not quite as simple as he had initially reckoned with.


One-Goal Wonders

Chances are you’ll remember Richard Dunne and Simon Osborn playing for QPR - but what about Tom Hitchcock or Eric Sabin? Regardless of their ability or number of appearances for the club, they all had one thing in common: they each scored just once for QPR. Ray Eaton looks takes us through each one.


Cup Fever

Despite the FA Cup being much devalued in recent years, the world’s oldest and most prized cup competition is still very much alive and well - at least, if the fourth round tie between Portsmouth and QPR was anything to go by.


Trust Issues...

More on the recent Community Trust event, this time from the perspective of editor Dave Thomas.


Young at Heart

Continuing his nostalgia series, Keith Young reveals amongst other things where the boots David Beckham was wearing when sent off in the 1998 World Cup ended up...


Pompey Chimes

The recent trip to Fratton Park was a reminder of another away tie in the FA Cup - a quarter-final tie and 6,000 QPR fans at Old Trafford. It didn’t end well.


All this - and much, much more besides!

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If that didn’t show the manager and the club how much the FA Cup means to people, then I don’t really know what would.