AKUTR's 100 Club

Supporting AKUTR's - with a chance to win prize money in our monthly 'Goals Galore' competition


In order to keep AKUTR's going in these increasingly challenging times for print media, we have launched the 100 Club. This is open to all readers and supporters of AKUTR's.


The 100 Club has its own dedicated page: akutrs100club.co.uk


The 100 Club operates on two membership levels: Standard & Enhanced. Standard membership costs just £10 per month. Enhanced membership costs £30 per month, which includes a full subscription to AKUTR's and offers a higher level of prize money.


Each month, all members are allocated six teams - this year one each from the Premier League, Championship (excluding QPR!), Leagues One & Two, National League and Scotland. The competition is based on the highest and lowest accumulative goals tally in league games. The prize money is 50 per cent of the total membership money in any given month


Progress of the current Goals Galore competition is free to view here.